How to Store Your Red Wines

Red wines tend to be the favorite of wine collectors. With proper storage, red wines can age beautifully, enhancing the aromas and flavors. If you have the diligence and patience to store your red wines properly, the reward is great. Howeve

5 Perfect Gifts for Wine Lovers

Whether it’s for an anniversary, a birthday, or another holiday, gifts for wine lovers are always in season. There are so many accessories that can enhance the wine drinking experience, and they all make wonderful gifts for any of the wine drin

The Winemaking Process: An Ancient Art

At KingsBottle, we love wine just as much as you do. From fruity, sweet whites to dry reds, the sheer variety of wines means that you’ll likely never run out of new ones to taste. But how, exactly, does wine become wine? If you’ve ever wond

How to Store Your White Wines

Although the average wine drinker may not know it, true wine aficionados know that there is a certain art to storing wines. Temperature, humidity, light, and so many more factors can impact the quality of a wine, so proper storage is an absolute

8 Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

Every so often, you’ll see new headlines popping up, touting some benefit of drinking wine. Since new studies are going on constantly, it can be difficult to keep track of the latest scientific consensus. Luckily, KingsBottle has done the w