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Dual Temperature Wine and Beverage Center

Traditionally, there have been wine connoisseurs and beer connoisseurs, which means two different storage temperatures. KingsBottle is proud to break this tedious tradition with our innovative dual temperature wine and beverage coolers. Now you can enjoy an icy cold beer or a gently chilled bottle of wine all from the same unit! All of our wine and beverage cooler combo units are perfect for bars, restaurants or that perfect home entertainment room - they have a little something for everyone. These wine and beverage refrigerator units are so popular we have trouble keeping them in stock! We know that whether your favorite beverage is a well-aged glass of wine, a hoppy micro brewed IPA, or your favorite soda pop, the serving temperature can take your drink from “good” to sublime and we believe that every drinking experience should go above and beyond your expectations. KingsBottle can bring even more flavor to your drink. Don’t miss out on these ingenious units, check them out today!